About Setlist BINGO

Setlist BINGO is a setlist predication game for fans of bands that play a different set of songs every night they perform. Fans fill out the official bingo card with songs that they predict the band will play during an upcoming run of shows. As the songs on your card are performed, you cross them off. You win when you connect 5 performed songs in a row (down, across or diagonal).

Common Questions / Feedback

How do I play?

Select a game posted at bingo.phantasytour.com. Download the official blank bingo card. Its a fillable PDF. Open the file on your computer and type a song name or abbreviation into each square. Save the file and upload it at bingo.phantasytour.com under the section for the correct game.


What do I win if I'm the first to connect 5 squares in a row?

Unless otherwise stated, you win the admiration and adoration of everyone at Phantasy Tour. We do hope to offer prizes on some games going forward.


How many times can I enter?

Once per game. All games currently available for registration can be found at bingo.phantasytour.com.


Where do I monitor the progress and results of a given game?

Results and winners of specific games are updated manually by our staff on a periodic basis (and dependent on the availablity of setlist information). If this microsite proves popular and busy enough, this will eventually be upgraded to an automated process contigent on setlists being posted to the band's community at www.phantasytour.com.


Bands sometimes play portions of songs or tease songs. What officially counts in Setlist BINGO?

Officially, what counts in Setlist BINGO is any song that appears in the setlist at phantasytour.com. Phantasy Tour standards dictate that a song appears in the setlist if more than a few stanzas are performed. When the beginning portion, middle portion, or ending portion of a song is performed, it will appear in the setlist and thus count for Setlist BINGO purposes. However, teases are noted as footnotes to the setlist and thus do not count for Setlist BINGO purposes.


This is awesome. How do I help it grow?

Spread the word. Use the share buttons available throughout this microsite to share these games with your Facebook friends.


I have a great idea for improving Setlist BINGO. How do I get it to you.

We've set-up a category in our feedback forum at support.phantasytour.com to collect your ideas and allow other fans to vote for them. We will be prioritizing the ideas with the most votes.


My friends and I want to wager on our bingo cards.

That's between you and your friends.


There was a farmer who had a dog.

And Bingo was his name-o.


The entry process is tedious.

We agree. This microsite was created as a gauge interest in this idea. If its popular, we'll improve upon it and possibly intergrate it in the parent site (www.phantasytour.com).


Where did you get this idea?

Our friends have been playing this game for years. We want to improve the process of running and playing the game.